Dream Shop Distance

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - iDroid iPhone Case

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Adventure Time HP!au C:


Adventure Time HP!au C:

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A picture that makes me laugh by request.

Reposted because it just gets better every time I see it.

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メガリザードン by ミト

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So I’ve been trying to do more and more pushups when I work out since its my extreme weakness but I really don’t have the bone or tendon strength in my right hand bc of a broken hand and wrist injury a few years back and now I can’t do a single pushup bc of it which is really bad since I need to pass a physical course for the academy after the interview process I guess I could just wrap up and take some pain meds to get through it :/



Cats and Technology!

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Flame Princess

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Transparent Finn checking out your blog

Transparent Finn checking out your blog

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Unlimited Blade Works
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Unlimited Blade Works

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Vagabond (manga) by Takehiko Inoue

Very underrated manga.

Slept on.

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3/5 Favorite Dorks » Suoh Tamaki [OHSHC]

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Man forgets he is married after surgery (x)

This is my favorite video ever oh my god you don’t understand

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